I ship myself with academic success and contentment

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Emma Watson represents the UN, in her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, in Uruguay where she was campaigning for a higher representation of women in politics.

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The greatest part of Hey Jude  (via jimmypageshurdygurdy)

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Lovers (by laura makabresku)

nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already.

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[OC] Backpacked in Thailand, waited for the incoming rain to take my favourite picture. Ang Thong Marine National Park [3204 x 2136]

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"bisexuals are just being greedy"

This statement is correct.  I want all the donuts to myself.  No sharon you can’t have a donut.  Yes, I know there are 24 donuts.  Yes, I want them all for myself.  Fuck off sharon.

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foods dangerous to dogs:

  1. avocadoes
  2. alcohol
  3. raw bread dough
  4. caffeine
  5. chocolate
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. macadamia nuts
  9. raw salmon
  10. xylitol (artificial sweeteners)

if you have a dog please reblog this

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body comparative

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what am i gonna be for halloween???? an emotional wreck probably

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How fun is this?! This large scale installation at Beakerhead is like a giant spider web that invites visitors to climb around the space and bounce off the ceiling, walls and floor! Created by Numen/For Use, the self-supporting structure is inflated until the outer surface reaches adequate tension for stretching the nets. Stay tuned for more of My Modern Met's coverage of the event!

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Decided that I’d finally get an IG account but ended up with a VSCO grid instead. Such inspiring photos from the community! Great platform for mobile photography. 

So, hello. 

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UP village + Katipunan 🌻

Long overdue dinner/foodtrip along Maginhawa and Malingap street finally pushed through and surprisingly, we didn’t spend more than P300! Rushed to catch the last train to Katipunan and decided to hang out over coffee first before heading back to the dorm. Nights like this make it seem like life’s so simple why