Goodnight Call, audio installation by Sophie Barbasch

I collected voicemails from strangers on craigslist using this ad. When you pick up the phone, their messages begin to play.

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Love is lame tbh, it only gets you like 7 points in scrabble

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Winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards

Adèle Exarchopoulos - Numero Magazine - March 2014

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this show is a gift

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You’re looking at sea urchins mating and being born (the triangle is a baby urchin). More on Ted


"I must say I find that girl utterly delightful. Flat as a board, enormous birth mark the shape of Mexico over half her face, sweating for hours on end in that sweltering kitchen while Mendel, genius though he is, looms over her like a hulking gorilla, yet without question, without fail, always and invariably she is exceedingly lovely." The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014 (dir. Wes Anderson)

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The guinness world records: Youngest doctor in the world 

Eqbal Asa’d is a Palestinian Muslim refugee in Lebanon that started Med school when she was 14 years old. She got her Bachelor degree in Medicine with Honors and and was set by the Guinness World Records as the youngest doctor in the World. She is now signed to continue her studies in Ohio to become a pediatrician. 

Fucking badass

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This is called humanity

I have nothing to say on this, these people are the pinnacle of human compassion, and that is all there is to it.

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If I See What You See Then We Will Be Okay in the End, Samantha Conlon



Gia Coppola photographs the cast of her debut film, Palo Alto

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Missing you comes in waves.
Tonight I’m drowning.