Dolly Zoom Tutorial for Timelapse Hyperlapse 


Made more fun with school (and sibling) rivalry. 

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Alain Delorme captures the balletic murmurations of wild birds


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"He lived with his mother in Gaza when he was very young. One night, I talked to him on the phone before bedtime, and he told me he was wearing three pairs of pants to bed. I said: ‘Three pairs of pants? Why aren’t you in your pajamas?’ He told me: ‘Because I want my body to hold together if a bomb falls on me.’" (Petra, Jordan)


"The Zaatari Refugee Camp is twelve kilometers from the Syrian border, and has become the fourth largest city in Jordan. At its peak last year, over 3,000 Syrians refugees were entering the camp every day. This was a biblical level of population movement. Over 400,000 people have lived in the camp at some point in the last two years. UNHCR has responded to their basic needs: sanitation, food, healthcare. But there’s a large gap between survival and livelihood. For lack of a better word, boredom has become a big problem. It’s too dangerous to return to Syria, and there are very limited ways to be productive inside the camp. But the adaptations have been amazing. This is unlike any other refugee camp in the world. The Syrians are coming from a middle class economy, so they are a very skilled population— they aren’t subsistence farmers. They’ve managed to build an economy inside the camp. Most of the tents have been upgraded to houses. The refugees trade with the Jordanians, and bring in supplies from the outside to start their own shops. One man even started a supermarket. It’s still a tough situation. But arriving with nothing, the Syrian refugees have managed to carve out their own dignity inside the camp. They aren’t just taking what is given to them. They’ve created choices for themselves.” 

-Gavin White, UNHCR Jordan External Relations Officer


Body comparative #47 (1,2)

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Photographer Martin Klimas captured the exact moment of these kung-fu porcelain figurines shattering on the ground, resulting in chaotically beautiful images.

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Eckhard Wolfgang Pemsl
Dan Flavin, 2014


my heart says yes but my bank balance says no

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Butterflies feast on the carcass of a dead frog


Elephants walking through a rain forest.

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why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 3am

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A strong independent dog who don’t need no man

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George Harrison’s fisheye self portraits in India, September 1966.

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The swivelCard is a paper business card that features a foldable USB drive that directs its recipient to a specified website when plugged into the computer. Created by Spokane, Washington-based engineer Andrew DePaula, the innovative smart card can be backed and purchased via Kickstarter.